The impossible

In Scripture from Exodus (Exodus 22:26-27) – it is talking about collateral.  If you take your neighbor’s cloak as a pledge (Some versions say pawn), return it by sunset, because that cloak is the only covering your neighbor has. What else can they sleep in? When they cry out to me, I will hear, for I am compassionate.

I heard Rev. Tom Long taking about this – he did a little back and forth with God –

What do you have there?

I have this guy’s coat.

Why do you have it?

So he’ll pay me back.

You need to give it back to him by the end of the day because he may need it.

I know he’ll need it, that’s the idea.

You don’t seem to compassionate – When He cries out to me, I will hear him because I am compassionate.

If you’ve ever seen Pawn Stars, or put up collateral at a bank, you know it’s impossible for them to give it back before they get their money back.  It’s the one assurance they have that they will get their money back.

And God says, I don’t even care if you get your money back – give it back to them before the sun goes down because they need it.  It is impossible to run a business like that!

Today I’m preaching about the disciples having been with Jesus, and hearing Him talk about impossible forgiveness, impossible marriages, impossible generosity, and they’re thinking hey Jesus, that’s ___________  (say it with me)  IMPOSSBILE.  But Jesus says, “With man it is impossible, but with God – all things are possible.”




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