Break the church worship routine

This morning I heard someone describe a typical Sunday morning for someone who attends church.  You get up at the same time, you drive the same route to get to church, you park in the same spot, you sit in the same pew or seat, the worship service is the same, the same people fall asleep during the sermon, you tell the same people bye when it’s over, and you drive the same route home.

Even churches that pride themselves on not having a bulletin settle into a routine.  Now I’m not saying that a routine is always bad.  However, A.W. Tozer wrote that routine is the treacherous enemy facing the church today.  We can get in such a rut in the church that people get upset when anything other than the ordinary takes place.  Tozer writes,

“When we come to the place where everything can be predicted and nobody expects anything unusual from God, we are in a rut. The routine dictates, and we can tell not only what will happen next Sunday, but what will occur next month and, if things do not improve, what will take place next year. Then we have reached the place where what has been determines what is, and what is determines what will be.”

I understand that you can’t do anything about the worship schedule or music or sermon in church this week.  But you can do something about how you approach worship this week.  Drive the other car if you have another car.  Wear the opposite clothes.  No, I don’t mean if you’re a man, wear women’s clothing – I mean if you normally wear a suit, wear blue jeans.  If you normally wear blue jeans, wear a suit.  Women – likewise, dress up or dress down.  Sit on the opposite side of the church.  Shout an ‘Amen’ and scare the bejeebers out of the person in front of you.  Sit attentively on the edge of your seat during the sermon, being deliberate in paying attention.  Go to the altar to pray.

If you do some of these things, I can guarantee you that even if church on Sunday is routine, it won’t be routine for you.  And I also believe you will hear from God in a new way.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  You have to watch this video:





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