Christmas Music Before Thanksgiving? “To Each Their Own”

They’re playing Christmas music on a local radio station right now and streaming it on  Someone wrote on Facebook that she knows it is before Thanksgiving and some people may not like Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  And the person said ‘to each their own’.  We know that means if you like it you can listen to it and if you do not like it – don’t listen to it.

‘To each their own’ doesn’t work with everything.  If someone is working at McDonald’s and they prefer their french fries practically burnt, they cannot institute ‘to each their own’ and serve burnt fries.  No matter how the person feels about their fries, there is a timer that tells them when the fries are done and that’s when they are expected to lift them out of the fryer.

To a point, we all have a ‘to each their own’ mentality about God.  Some people would say, “You can worship your God and I will worship my God, it’s all the same.”  All gods are not created equal.  As a matter of fact, there is One that was not created, but has always been and Who created everything.  And we know He calls each person in the world to repent and be forgiven through the cross of Jesus.  And He calls us to love our neighbors.

Can you believe whatever you want to believe?  For now you can.  But one day He will judge each of us.  None of us will judge Him (as we tend to do now).  He will not judge us based on our performance, but upon our faith in and life lived for Jesus – and what we believe about Him.  That’s when the ‘to each their own’ is not going to pass the test.  The “I don’t care what you say, I’m entitled to my opinion” line is not going to get it.

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