God thought I needed to hear that twice

When I served at Mason UMC, we would sometimes intentionally end worship a little before 11:00 a.m. and several of us would head to another church for worship at 11:00.  One particular morning after church, between 40 and 50 of us went to a Baptist Church at 11:00 and heard Jordan Decker preach.  I kid you not, he gave the exact same sermon I gave.  It was about people being in church, perhaps their whole lives, and never truly being a follower of Jesus – relying on their faithfulness in attending church instead of Jesus’ faithfulness on the cross.  Jordan and I could not have given more similar sermons if we had planned it, which we didn’t.

Jon Clark went to both.  When we were leaving the Baptist Church, Jon said to me something like, “What concerns me is that God thought I needed to hear that message twice.”

God thought I needed to hear a message twice in the last 24 hours.  Last night our district superintendent spoke here at our church about the “whosoevers”.  As in, whosoever calls upon the Name of Jesus shall be saved from John 3:16.  And how everyone we come across is a “whosoever” that Jesus died for.

This morning I listened to my friend Tom Beckette preach about looking at people as people, about taking an interest in them – be it your waitress at a restaurant, your garbage collector, etc.  Don’t look at people as an ‘it’ or an object that performs a task for you, but treat them like a person.

And I wonder why God thought I needed to hear that twice.  Maybe part of the reason is so you could hear it this morning.




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