The pastor’s part in dying churches

As hard as my last blog was on church people, today I want to talk about pastoral leadership and dying churches.  In his book A Second Resurrection, Bill Easum says that part of the reason churches are dying is that some pastors don’t believe everyone needs Jesus.  Some pastors preach that there are multiple ways to God, or even that everyone on earth is already going to heaven.  If that is true, why give up our American comfort and security and  go to Haiti or Iran to spread the Gospel living in poverty and risking your life?  Why go ‘make disciples’?  It’s illogical unless those people need Jesus.  Pastors in thriving churches believe Jesus is the only hope for the world and their church.

And while there are other things I could go in to, they wouldn’t be constructive for the point of this blog.  What you need to know is that Jesus is the hope of the world – the only hope.  It’s important to believe that.  He is not simply our pattern for how to live.  When He was born, it was a game changer.  God came to earth to live with His creation and offer His creation salvation through Him.  So as you prepare for Christmas, remember that Christmas is all about hope.  Our only hope – Jesus.  He’s the only hope that offers life.  He’s the only hope that can conquer sin.  He’s the only hope that can set the prisoner free.  And when we realize that, it changes everything.  He’s the only hope that can resurrect a dying church.




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