Jesus Changes Lives

This is from the front of our bulletin for church on Sunday:

If you get one thing from church today, we pray you would know that we believe Jesus changes lives and believe He can change yours.

We want to be a church that:
1.) sees
people become God’s children through Jesus.
2.) sees lives changed by Jesus.
3.) sees those who have decided to follow Jesus continue to grow closer to Him.

Jesus can and does change lives.  He changed, and continues to change mine.

Christmas is one of two times a year that non-churchgoers and non-Christians are most likely to go to church.  Polls show that even many who think the Bible is a myth will accept an invitation to go to church on Christmas Eve.

They will not usually seek out and go to a church on their own.  You know what it takes.  It takes someone to invite them, it takes YOU to invite them.  If you don’t believe Jesus Christ changes lives and has something to offer your friends, then I can see how you wouldn’t bother. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t bother either.

But if you really believe Jesus is the Son of God and the Way, the Truth, and the Life and nobody gets to the Father but through Jesus… If you really believe His sacrifice on the cross saves people from their sins… If you really believe that He gets you through the most difficult times in this life… If you really believe He can heal broken hearts, mend broken lives, break the chains of addiction, and add meaning to life…  Then Christmas is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…  Invite someone to church.  Get a commitment from them two weeks ahead of time to join you for Christmas Eve at church.

That is – if you believe Jesus can change their life.




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