When you no longer look forward to Christmas…

I heard someone say the other day that Christmas used to be their favorite holiday, but it is not anymore.  For this person it was about the commercialization of Christmas.  I know there are others who no longer look forward to Christmas because of the loss of loved ones, separation, and loneliness, among other reasons.

If this is you, I invite you to click here and read this relevant message.

I think it helps if we remember what Christmas is and what it is not.  It isn’t about shopping and gift giving.  It isn’t about families getting together.  It isn’t even about peace on earth.  It’s really about remembering when the Savior of the world, God in the flesh, came to the earth to live among His creation.

And because Jesus lived on the earth as a man, He knows every disappointment,  every struggle, every pain, and every agony that any of us face.  And He doesn’t just know them, He has experienced all of the same things firsthand.  And so we can remember that we are not alone, but that we can turn to Him and God is indeed with us through it all.  I pray that brings you a little peace even if it doesn’t bring peace on earth, and even if it doesn’t remove the sting of your disappointment, struggle, and pain.

I invite you to listen to this wonderful Steven Curtis Chapman song:




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