Skimping on my giving

Our youngest son Matt goes to Brown.  He’s there on full scholarship.  If you can get into Brown and your family makes under a certain income, they cover 100% of your expenses.  Matt got in and we make way, way less than their allowable amount, hence the full scholarship.

We occasionally get emails and mailings asking us to give money to Brown.  While I really do appreciate the free education they are giving Matt, Brown has a $2.4 Billion endowment.  Maybe when Matt graduates and starts working, he’ll want to give back to Brown.  As for Diane and me, we have vary little disposable income and have to be very selective about what we do with our money.  While we have given a small amount to Brown, we would rather use it for God’s glory in other ways.

While I can live with skimping with Brown, I cannot bring myself to skimp with God, nor do I want to.  Even Matt’s Brown scholarship is a blessing from God.




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