Another forgettable Christmas Eve at church

I remember one Christmas eve at church a couple of years ago when I asked if anyone had anything special they would like to sing or instrument to play.  Everyone laughed.  And I kid you not, within moments, the former Miss Montana – Veronika Ohlinger, who grew up in our church and was living in Nashville, walked through the doors of our church.  It just so happened that her talent in the Miss Montana pageant was… wait for it…. singing.  I asked her if she would sing and she did.  And then Jamie Bailey said she had her clarinet (I think it was a clarinet) in the car and she’d go get it and play a song and she did.

While I don’t remember what I preached about that year, I remember that Christmas Eve worship.  It was a reminder about how God will provide if we but ask.  For me, it was one of the two most unforgettable Christmas Eve worships I’ve experienced.  The other one was when we were at Sistersville and I was the one who was deciding who was going to light their candle off the Christ candle to start lighting the candles of the congregation.  There was one little girl who, if I remember correctly, had a bit of a learning disability.  I didn’t know it.  I asked her to come up front before 200 people and light her candle first to pass it on.  When she came up, everyone heard her say, “I’ve been waiting all night to do this”.  I found out later that she had been tormenting her family all evening to let her come up front and light her candle.

I pray that wherever you go to church tonight, that it would not be just another forgettable Christmas Eve worship.  I pray that God would do something to make it one that you never forget.  Perhaps even one that changes your life.

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