I know you never hear it, but thanks for doing the laundry

Yesterday’s blog really struck a chord with a several people.  I never know when I write something how God is going to use it.  I didn’t really see anything special about yesterday’s post, but God had plans to use it for His glory.  I’ve come to realize that my job is not to worry about the results (or the ‘growth’ as Paul calls it in 1 Corinthians 3:6 when he writes, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.”)

A few years ago when I started being faithful to writing a daily blog, there were days when only 3 or 4 people would read it (I have a statistics page that shows how many people read which pages on my blog.)  It didn’t matter.  I knew that God wanted me to be faithful to work on it and post it.  What was important was not how many people were reading it, but that I was writing it.  I knew it was a way that God was calling me to be obedient.  And Satan was always in my ear saying, “What are you wasting your time for?  Nobody is reading what you’re writing.”

It was liberating when I realized that the growth or the results or even the thanks of what I do for God are not the measuring stick for my obedience.  As a matter of fact, it’s probably just the opposite.  To be obedient when you are not getting the results you expect or are looking for seems to be the best type of obedience to God.  Once we begin to feel an earthly payoff for our obedience, we might then begin to wonder if we’re doing it to be obedient or to get the desired results!!!

So I want to make two quick points –

  1. Diane just brought socks and underwear up from the washroom.  It’s a menial task and one she never gets a ‘thank you’ for.  She only gets complaints if the sock/underwear drawers get empty.  If she remembers that she is honoring God as she works to keep her family in socks and underwear, as nice as an occasional ‘thank you’ would be, it’s not the primary motivation.  Obedience to God should be her motivation.  And whatever it is that you do that you believe goes unnoticed, believe me – God notices and appreciates your efforts.
  2. And that’s not to say that God blessing our obedience or bringing us recognition for our obedience is a bad thing – it’s not bad.  We must just be alert to always keep our motives in check and be doing things for the right reasons.  It’s not bad that our church is seeing growth – it’s good.  But I must not be afraid to be true to the Gospel for fear of upsetting some people and having them leave the church.  We do what we do to be obedient and when God provides the growth, we just rejoice and give Him thanks.
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