These are a few of my favorite things

I saw a blog this morning that listed the blogger’s favorite posts from this year.  I liked that idea.  I’m not going through all 294 posts from the last year, but some I remembered and liked are listed.  I hope God speaks to you (again or for the first time) through them.  I hope you have some time to reflect on them and if not, come back when you do.  Happy New Year.

12. It’s all about Jesus – Whatever we do, we do for the glory of Jesus.  When we help people, we must make it clear it’s all because of Jesus.

11. You can’t hide it from God – When the leaves leave the trees in the fall, it exposes the hidden things in the trees.  One day the things we try to hide will be exposed.

10. God will bring you through it – Sometimes God will use others to bring you through difficult times.  And sometimes we need to be willing to ask for help.

9. You’re pretty special to God – This is one we should read over and over.

8. There are no second class Christians – A reminder that we all have different callings and different gifts.

7. Telling you the truth because I love you – Buddy the Cake Boss served as a reminder that sometimes people don’t want to hear they are doing something wrong.

6. God’s amazing work in you and me – Dive bombing bluebirds remind me of who I used to be and where I used to be in my Christian walk.

5. I don’t want to miss a thing – I talked Sunday about the opportunities God provides and how I don’t want to miss a thing He has for me.  I wish I had referenced this blog.

4. There’s no 5 second rule in Haiti – Your mother was right – There really are people starving in other countries.

3. Hot topics – Hot topics get both sides riled up.  I address some of the hot topics from our country today.

2. What was, is, and will be – I had no clue when I was reflecting on 10 years of working toward being ordained and 6 years leading the Mason UMC and wondering what the future held, that I only had a few months left there and would end up the year in the mountains of WV where God plans to do what only He can do.

1. Rocking the Boat – Even though I was somewhat persecuted for this one, I don’t take it back.

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