Tell your brother/sister you’re sorry

Who among us doesn’t remember a time when we were young when someone made us apologize?  And if you’re a parent, I know you’ve said it – don’t even try to act like you haven’t.  “Tell _____ you’re sorry.”  And then when the parent turns their back, the one kid says to the other one, “I’m not really sorry”.

Tomorrow I’m starting an 8 week sermon series on miracles.  The sermons are going to be based on Jesus’ 7 signs or miracles in the book of John.  But before we get to those miracles, we’re going to talk about another miracle.  The miracle of forgiveness.  And some of you may think I’m overstating it, but I believe in many cases it truly takes an act of God for us to give forgiveness.  Without a doubt, it took an act of God for us to receive forgiveness.

If you live close enough, I hope you’ll join us as we begin our journey.





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