Part of the whole truth – life’s difficulties

wholetruthThe other day I posted this photo of a page from the Charles Spurgeon book I’m reading – The Soul Winner.  I underlined the part where Spurgeon says that Jesus doesn’t “…permit us to invent falsehoods, nor to suppress truth.”  Sometimes we can’t agree on what falsehoods or truths are, especially when it comes to times when the Bible goes against what we want to believe.  Sometimes we so wish it said something different that we make up reasons why it couldn’t mean what it says.  And other times we think it’s too offensive so we suppress truth.  But before I go too far down this path, let me get to what God has laid on my heart this morning.

Following Jesus on this earth is not easy.  You and I could sit down and list 100 reasons it isn’t easy, but I think one of the main reasons that is on my mind this morning is that following Jesus doesn’t take away the problems and pain in this life.  His Word tells us that there will be no problems or pain in the next life, and there will be a next life, but in this life we will still have problems and pain.  Some of you can testify that we sometimes have more problems and pain when we become a Christian.  Think about how easy it would be to make disciples and follow Him ourselves if, once we became His follower, all our problems went away.  That would be sweet.

The whole truth is that this life was not meant to be nor ever will be heaven.  This life is difficult either way.  The difference Jesus makes is not that this life becomes easy, but that we have a hope we never had before.  Sure, you can cast your burdens upon Jesus, sure His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  Sure, He will walk with you through the valleys.  But the most significant truth sometimes is that when you are His child, you have a hope that you didn’t have without Him.  And that should give you….. hope.

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2 Responses to Part of the whole truth – life’s difficulties

  1. coachbarr says:

    In Satan’s eyes, the acceptance of salvation is an act of war. He will retaliate. But, the hope we are given by Jesus and the fact that He walks with us guarantees that no matter how hard this life can be at times…….Satan loses in the end.

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