Sometimes God just helps you deal with it

There’s a popular Biblical term that is preached pretty frequently called a ‘thorn in the flesh’ found in 2 Corinthians 12.  The Apostle Paul says he had this issue which he called a ‘thorn in the flesh’.  Paul doesn’t tell us what this is.  He said he prayed three times for God to change things (remove it) but God made it clear to him that He wasn’t going to change it, but that He would instead help Paul deal with it and make it through.  It made Paul realize that when he was weak, that’s when he relied on God the most and with God Paul was actually stronger.

I think this happens more than anything else in our lives.  God doesn’t change situations nearly as often as He helps us through them.  Most of the time He just helps you deal with it.  And I’m not talking about how a therapist helps you through things helping you talk it out.  I’m talking about a best friend who you don’t need to make an appointment with, but is there to talk to any second of the day.  I’m talking about a parent who kisses the proverbial boo-boos.  I’m talking about a Savior who died in your place so that in the end you will have victory.

So when you face life’s difficulties, hear God say what Paul heard Him say:  “My grace is sufficient for you…”  And like Paul, I believe you will eventually be able to say, “…the power of Christ rests upon me.”

Casting Crowns sings about what Paul found out:




Lift your head

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