More like the church than the church

Some of us are going to the Union Rescue Mission today to feed lunch to those staying at the mission and to those who come in off the street for something to eat.  I am blessed that the people of the Wesley Chapel church in Short Gap pay me to basically be a full-time missionary here along the WV/MD border.  And that allows me to devote much of my time to the work of Jesus in different ways than most of you.

And as much as I believe it’s good to gather for church on Sunday mornings, and most of you probably did yesterday; and as good as church may have even been yesterday, today is the day that we have a chance to be most like the church of the Bible.  Because I am being paid to be a full time missionary, I can go to the rescue mission today.  Many of you can’t.  But that doesn’t mean that you are off the hook.  While God is sending me to the Rescue Mission on His behalf today, He is sending many of you all to even tougher places.  Some of you are being sent to schools, factories, retail stores, restaurants, administrative jobs, and the like.  And you are to be His missionaries in those places today.  You can pray as you begin your day there, you can pray for those who persecute you there, you can be kind to those who don’t deserve kindness, you can serve those who you would rather kick out the door, just to name a few things you can do as His missionary today.

Others of you are called to serve your family for Jesus’ glory today – washing clothes, doing dishes, cleaning the house, changing diapers, etc.  You may be His missionary when you are kind to the rude clerk at the grocery store as you’re running errands.

Whatever you do for His glory today, wherever He has placed you, is going to be just as relevant as you attending worship yesterday morning.  And it can be just as relevant as me going to the Union Rescue Mission today.  Serving Him on Monday (and the rest of the week) is probably more like the church was meant to be than just gathering on Sundays and believing our commitment to Him is done for the week.  Each one of us who call Him Lord gather on Sunday for motivation and encouragement so that we can spend the week as His missionary.

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