Get the Sails Up

Any church that has been around for any length of time will have people in it who can tell you of times that church has struggled and of other times that church has really had the momentum.  Diane and I went to church in Sistersville for 22 years (and I have well documented the fact that she went much more than I did over that time, I only became a believer in 2000).  In our time there the church was torn apart one time when a pastor had an affair.  Years later another pastor resigned and an interim pastor took over for almost a year.  Those were a couple of difficult stretches in the church.  Those were storms that battered the church.  Every church that has been around for very long has a history of good times and difficult times.  And in my experience, it usually has to do with leadership – both pastors and church leaders.  The Spirit is always willing, but sometimes the flesh is weak.

libertysailI think the Holy Spirit is always ready to blow afresh.  Sometimes a church labors to find where the Spirit’s blowing.  Even in the most difficult of situations a church faces, the Spirit of God is blowing somewhere.  The key is to find what God is doing (where the Spirit is blowing) and focus on that until things change.

And sometimes you find yourself right in the ‘jet stream’.  I love the phrase “Sails up”.  When you feel the Spirit blowing, it’s important to get the sails up.  When the Spirit is moving and you get the sails up, you can almost skim the top of the water.  Will there be people in the church who don’t want to go so fast and want to pull the sails down?  Perhaps.  But don’t let that stop you.

Get your sails up and know that God is faithful.  If you do your part, He will do his part and you’ll find yourself flying for His glory.  And what a ride it will be.




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