Richard Sherman & Defining Moments

If you’re not a sports fan, stick with my blog today.  If you are, you have probably seen the Richard Sherman interview immediately after the football game.  Sherman will live forever in NFL interview infamy along with Dennis Green (they are who we thought they were), Jim Mora (playoff?  playoffs?), and Herm Edwards (you play to win the game).  A day later, Sherman said he didn’t want people to judge him by that 30 seconds of his life.

I can understand why he would say that.  It surely wasn’t one of his finest moments.  (And yes I’ve seen him going after Skip Bayless and the “I’m better at life than you”).  We may well see a pattern.  However, for the purpose of today’s blog, let’s stick with this one time moment.

There are defining moments in life.  I also know there are often good and bad consequences that result from those moments. Some defining moments that often bring bad consequences – Driving drunk and getting arrested for DUI (or something even worse) is a defining moment.  Texting while driving can end up being a defining moment.  Taking drugs for the first time is often a defining moment.  I could write all day about poor decisions that lead to bad consequences.

And some moments are defining and life changing in a good way.  I could also write all day about good decisions that lead to good consequences.  When I went to see my friend Chris Koontz sing at a little church in Ravenswood, WV in 2000, it was most definitely a defining moment.  I decided to follow Jesus that night.  That decision about Jesus is the only defining moment that will last into eternity.

There are people sitting in prison for the rest of their earthly lives because of a defining moment, but will be going to heaven for eternity when their life sentence is over because of a decision they made about Jesus.  As long as we have a breath, there is one defining moment that trumps all others.  Whatever the consequences we face on this earth, becoming a follower of Jesus trumps all of them.  Becoming His disciple may not take away the consequences on earth, but it will change your eternal destiny.  And there’s nothing you have done on earth that cannot be overcome in eternity by your decision regarding the ultimate defining moment Jesus had on the cross.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. ~ 1 John 1:9




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