Storing up prayers for when they’re needed

Something happened this morning that gave me something to think about that I’d like to share.  Someone texted me and told me they could feel my prayers.  As a pastor, lots and lots of people ask me to pray for them.  And I always do right when they ask so I don’t forget.  Other times, I’ll lift up an entire list (like those in our bulletin, which contains about 100 names).

Like most of you, I pray most often for my family and close friends.  But another way I pray is as I check Facebook, drive past someone’s house, see a car that looks like the car of someone I know, I will often lift up a whisper prayer for that person or the person who comes to mind.

The person who texted me had been in my thoughts and prayers this morning, although I wasn’t actively praying for the person at the moment they texted.  That would have been a cool story.  But I wonder if, when we pray for someone, if God holds onto to those prayers until just the right time.  I’m not saying that we can’t all always use prayer, but I think you’d agree there are times we need a burst of prayers on our behalf.  And it makes me wonder if God, in His infinite wisdom, ever just stores up the prayers lifted on our behalf until we need them most.




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One Response to Storing up prayers for when they’re needed

  1. Eileen White says:

    I think he does, if a mother prayers for her wayward child for forty years, and all of a sudden the child gets his life together, Her prayers from 40 years ago were answer right then.

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