There’s always hope

I’m so excited about the sermons for the next several weeks.  We’re getting into the middle of the “I need a miracle” sermon series which talks about Jesus’ 7 miracles in the book of John.  This week it’s Jesus healing of the lame man at the pool of Bethesda.  If there were three points to be taken from it, they would be 1.) There are always excuses, 2.) There are always naysayers, and 3.) There’s always hope.  Romans 15:13 calls God the ‘God of Hope’.  There’s nobody gone too far for Him to reach.  God is always near and He is the God of Hope.

I hope if you live here in the area where the Potomac bends and West Virginia reaches into Maryland, that you who don’t go to church will join us this Sunday.  It will be an honest message ending with hope.  If you don’t live nearby, go to church somewhere.  And listen for the hope in the message.  I guarantee you it will be there.


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