Can somebody give me a life?

Many people play games on Facebook and other online places.  I see a lot of people who ‘give a life’ in their games. I’m not sure what games allow you to give or receive a life or exactly what that entails.  I play Words with Friends online.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s basically Scrabble.  Nobody can help me.  I’m on my own, win or lose.  Winning or losing is based on my own abilities.  (Yes, I’m aware there are online places that allow you to cheat, but I’ve never been to one.)

When I think about games, I always think about a certain pastor.  He always tells his church, “I’m dying and I don’t have time to play games in church.”  When he says he’s dying, he means he’s closer to death today than he was yesterday.  And when he says he doesn’t have time to play games in church, you know what he means, right?  He means he doesn’t have time to get bogged down with colors of carpet or walls in the church building, keeping the ‘right people’ happy, or arguing about people having hats on or drinks in the sanctuary.

The people of God become impotent when we let Satan turn our focus to trivial matters.  Instead of offering people life, we would rather debate the insignificant issues.  Let’s not lose our focus.  The whole reason Jesus leaves us on earth after we’ve received new life through Christ is to offer a new life to others.  Games can be a release and a way to relax, but let’s not allow church and our lives as followers of Jesus to be a game – it’s certainly not.  We have life to offer.


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2 Responses to Can somebody give me a life?

  1. Eileen White says:

    Your blog reminded me of Carolyn Weigle, She called me last night and said,”Oh no we put all the tablecloths on with the flower side up, and Peewee didn’t notice it until we were done”. She said “will I get into trouble with someone if the white side isn’t up for winter”, I said” forget about it, (in my New York accent) lol, the flowers will make us think of spring.” I know what you mean about non-essential things!

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