The purpose of a sermon

This past Sunday I paused in the sermon and reminded the congregation that as we discussed the lame man being healed after 38 years, this was not just a story that we were there to dissect and learn.  It’s a lesson, but not a lesson about how God worked 2,000 years ago, but how God works – even today.

There was a theologian named Soren Kierkegaard.  He was upset because he felt like the Gospel had become nothing more than “a piece of information.”   Passion was replaced by descriptions of passion.  It is like reading from a cookbook to a person who is hungry.

We must remember that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not simply informational, but is really transformational.  The Bible is not just a history Book of what happened in the past.  It is a book that contains the Living Word that still speaks to us today.  It is relevant to each of us today.  So as you read it, read it to be changed.  When you come to my blog, look for the Word God has not just to encourage you, but challenge and change you.  When I bring you a message on Sunday mornings in the church, I bring you not only stories of how things were and what God used to do, but I bring you a message that pertains to your life today and tells you what God can and will do in you and through you today.  I serve a God of hope and a God who transforms.





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