Oh, that I would be able to do anything else.

This morning I watched an hour and 10 minute movie about the life of preacher Charles Spurgeon.  He was the most famous preacher in Great Britain from the middle to the end of the 1800’s.  I’m not sure that most of you would care to watch it, but as a pastor I was riveted.  Spurgeon said it was strange how God takes the most unlikely people and uses them for His purposes.

I think if Charles Spurgeon could have done anything else, he would have.  I believe he was a preacher because he had no other choice.  Speaking on his success in the ministry, he said he had become that which he disdained – famous.  He said that the fame was a danger to his soul.  And when people thought they saw pride in him, in reality it was only his confidence in the Gospel.  They never saw his inward quaking.  And he never longed to become famous, but only to see people converted to Christ.  He talked of the exhilarating and terrifying feeling of preaching.  He talked of the weight of and the honor of preaching.  And one of his life verses was Jeremiah 45:5 – “And do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not…”

I have one thing in common with Spurgeon.  Oh, that God would allow me to do something else, anything else.  Yet in the upside down economy of Jesus’ Kingdom, I know that is the right spirit, as arrogant as it sounds to say it in speaking about myself.

And even this blog post today, that I began hours ago, I wonder if I have written it just for my eyes and I should only delete it when I’m finished.  I don’t want it to be self serving and wreaking of seeking compassion.  Yet I’m ready to push the ‘publish’ button.

If you would just do me the kindness of not writing any comments, but if you’re so inclined, just click  the ‘like’ button as many of you usually do.

And for my brothers and sisters in the ministry, know you are not alone in wondering why God has chosen you.

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6 Responses to Oh, that I would be able to do anything else.

  1. A Servant says:

    Yes, I read the instructions. Who is equipped to serve? Who is worthy? If this was a math equation the answer would be zero. I would be concerned if you thought God had made a good choice in you. God bless those whom God in His providence chooses for His purpose.
    Now, you can unapproved this comment and it won’t show up.
    A Servant

    • I love people who don’t follow the rules. And your post is worth hearing. I was primarily talking the people I know and the congregation I lead. You’d probably like the Spurgeon movie. Thanks.

      • A Servant says:

        I’m a Wesley fan more than Spurgeon but I have a huge collection of his sermons.
        Were I part of your congregation I would be encouraged, not disappointed, to read your post. The moment any of us think “we got this” our doom awaits.
        God bless you and your ministry.
        A Servant

  2. Eileen White says:

    Well, I am from your congregation and I am going to reply, you are anything but arrogant, your love of Christ shows through in every sermon, and all you are doing. And what we like most is that you are just one of us, trying to follow the Lords will.

  3. You just saw that I said I liked rule breakers, LOL.

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