Sometimes the weather channel is right

This was a very difficult day for the weather people to predict.  This low pressure system was moving up the east coast and they weren’t quite sure of the path it was going to take.  The further east it was the less snow we were going to get locally.  The closer the low pressure came toward us was going to bring more snow.  It appears it didn’t go far enough east for us as we’ve got about a foot of snow and it’s still snowing.  The weather people try their best to predict what the weather is going to do.  Sometimes they’re right.  Sometimes they’re wrong.

My reading from Oswald Chambers this morning was about hearing and understanding God and knowing that God hears you.  It was about being so receptive to God that He can speak to you through a flower, a tree, a sunset, a snowfall, or another person.  Chambers says that should be our goal.  To always be listening for and looking for God to communicate with you.  And like the weather people – sometimes we’re going to be right about what God was trying to tell us and sometimes we’re going to be wrong.

But just as Jesus said He and the Father were one, thanks to the Holy Spirit coming to live in us – we can be a lot more in tune with God than we normally are.

“Speak Lord, for your servant is listening” – 1 Samuel 3:10




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