What’s your part in the Kingdom?

20140205-100628.jpgMatt Strietbeck has been pushing the snow to the fringes of the church parking lot for what seems like the entire 7 months I’ve been here.  Plowing the lot is one part that Matt Strietbeck plays in God’s Kingdom.  With the latest snow that walloped us, we had a six foot wall of snow surrounding the church parking lot.  We also had a six foot wall blocking the overflow parking area.  It would have been hard for Matt to plow that lot because it’s gravel and all the gravel would have been pushed down the hill.  Last Sunday we had cars parked everywhere including the passing places and all the places that were striped in the lot because people couldn’t get to the new overflow lot and there was nowhere else to park.

backhoesnow backhoesnowaThis morning Rodney Knotts took his backhoe (which I’m pretty sure he had to take out of winter storage) and began moving snow off the overflow lot.  The fact that we even have an overflow lot is because of Rodney.  He saw the church growing and back in October had the faith that if he built it that God was going to fill it.  Rodney told me when he built the new lot that it would have to sit for a year before we could pave it because they had to put a little fill dirt in.  I believe in the fall of this year or spring of next year that Rodney will oversee the paving of the overflow lot.  This is only one of the parts God has for Rodney in God’s Kingdom.  (Rodney’s also the church finance chair, which is one more part).

You may not have a truck with a plow, you may not have a backhoe. and you may not have the ability to chair the finance committee, but you have something to offer the church and the world for God’s glory.  God gives us all gifts and life experiences that He will use for the benefit of His Kingdom.  What’s your part in the Kingdom?




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