Waiting on God to Do Something

There’s about a half inch of crystally ice covered by about an inch of snow on our parking lot.  Fortunately, it’s not slippery – at least for now.  We have lots of people coming into the church today for the first day of Easter-time egg making.  We will make over 20,000 eggs over the next 7 weeks.  There’s nothing I can do about the parking lot.  There’s not even anything Matt Strietbeck can do with his truck and plow.  The temperature is supposed to get into the upper 40’s today.  God’s going to have to take care of the parking lot.

There was a phrase I learned in seminary “ora et labora”.  It means pray and work.  I love the work part.  I’m a doer.  But sometimes we try to handle everything ourselves.  There’s another phrase I heard one time – “Work like it’s up to you and pray like it’s up to God”.  Today is a great reminder to me that sometimes in life, you just have to say, “God, it’s up to you.”  I’m not saying to turn to God last, but I am saying it helps to realize the times in life that it’s completely up to Him.

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