When you don’t have kids you don’t know there isn’t school.

Wesley Chapel makes and sells peanut butter and coconut eggs the 7 weeks before Easter.  When there is no school, people aren’t supposed to come in to make eggs.  There is no school today.  There is black ice everywhere this morning.  Yet people keep coming in to the church.  The problem is that the people that are coming in don’t know school was cancelled today.  It’s not snowing and we’re having warm weather this week so it’s surprising there is no school.  But the people who have kids know there is no school.  They get texts, phone calls, check a web site, and watch the news to see school is cancelled.

That could be a parable about people who go to church and the people who don’t.  People who go to church hear about God’s love, and in many churches the pastor also warns the people of their need for Jesus.  A responsible pastor reminds people that all have sinned and fallen short and that without Jesus people are lost and doomed (even if that sounds judgemental).

The people who never go to church (or even people who seek out a church in which the pastor never preaches sin and repentance) are like the people who don’t have kids and aren’t concerned whether there is school or not.  Those people are disconnected.  They don’t hear the warnings, get the texts, get the phone call, or even bother to check.  And because they don’t hear the warnings they don’t heed the warnings.  And that is dangerous.




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