Keyser High School – A Debt they cannot pay

I’m from Tyler County.  Tyler County has one high school so there is no controversy about which high school gets what.  In Mason County, the people of Wahama feel like (I’m not saying they’re not) second fiddle to Point Pleasant.  I’m guessing in most counties where there are more than one high school, there is usually friction between the schools in activities and in funding.

For you in this area, you probably already know what I’m talking about because of the title of the blog today.  For my friends in Tyler and Mason Counties – You can read it here.  I don’t know all the details, but it appears Keyser High School got a new sports complex and agreed to raise $279,000 every year for so many years to pay for it.  This year, with four months to go before the payment is due, they have raised $46,000.  Of course the Board of Education is responsible for the payment and has to make up the difference or default on the loan.  The article says the first year Keyser raised the money and have raised less and less every year since.  I’m sure the people associated with Frankfort are really ticked off.  If the BOE has to pay $200,000, that’s money they can have to cut from other schools.  I don’t know how many years the loan is, but what are the odds they are going to raise $279,000 next year?  And really, what motivation do they have to do it?  They’ve already got their field.  And the board will not let the loan default.  And the people from Mineral County who read today’s blog have to calm down to get my point today.  Take a breath.

The Keyser situation is a parable of us when it comes to God.  I understand every illustration breaks down at some point.  I know Keyser could pay the money if they were motivated and everyone worked to raise the money.  But I still see this as a way to help people understand our plight with God, We have sinned against a perfect and holy God, the one who created us.  And we owe Him a debt, but we don’t have the means to pay the debt (even if we were motivated to pay it).  We could do good works from now until the day we died and not pay off the debt.  God understands that, and because He is merciful, He sent His Son to pay the debt.  The difficult part for humanity is believing and accepting that.  You’ll never be able to pay God the debt you owe.  However, if you’ll receive Him, Jesus will mark your debt to God ‘paid’.

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