This is the day that the Lord has made

Diane and I are going to Myrtle Beach for a few days in a week and a half.  I hope I don’t forget to tweet, “You can find me where the music meets the ocean, if you get the notion” when we’re at the airport.  As you can imagine, we’re looking forward to it.

In a similar way of looking forward, I know God is at work here at Wesley Chapel.  I know we are in the early, early stages of something amazing that nobody here (including me) has any idea of.  I’m anxiously anticipating what God is going to do over the next several years.

And as a final example of today’s point – there’s Spring.  Spring is just around the corner.  It’s been snow on snow on snow for months.  One person said, “We don’t like for our snow to get dirty.”  (She meant it keeps getting covered with fresh white snow.)  Most of us just wish Spring would get here already.  We’d just assume skip the next few weeks.

And you could finish today’s post couldn’t you?  Connecting the three ideas of looking ahead with the title, you probably figured it out.  This day, today, is the day that the Lord God has made and gifted to you and me.  Do you have a lot to do?  Perhaps.  For some people, this may even be a day they’ve been dreading.  Yet in the midst of what’s behind us and what lies ahead of us, God has made this day.

The other day I was in the kitchen doing dishes, Diane was at school, and I was thinking about her coming home soon.  I was thinking about our health, the growth of the church we’re leading, the fact that we just got a new memory foam mattress topper, and was thinking ‘life is good’.  And I was thinking that one day I’m going to miss this time in my life.  While life is never perfect, there aren’t many days that are just horrendous.  And most importantly, today is a day that the Lord has made and given to me as a gift.

Thank you God for this day.




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