I have some pretty cool friends

First, just because you don’t see your name here, know that you are a cool friend just because you read my blog. 😉

In 2008 our oldest son Adam bought a t-shirt at a concert.  It was a Hawk Nelson concert and the t-shirt said, “Hawk Nelson is my Friend”.  That was the title of one of their music cd’s.  I remembered Hawk Nelson and that shirt today when I thought about some people I would call friends.

eppakistanI saw a picture from the Elisha Project today that made me think about all the cool people I know who are doing the Lord’s work.  I know George Ortiz who just felt God leading he and his family to begin feeding people on the streets of Providence, RI.  With no idea how they would pay for it or where it would lead, George, his wife Carrie, friend Mark Krupowicz, and others, have been at it for well over a year feeding hundreds of people every Saturday!  We were able to see them and help them last year in May when we went to visit our son in Providence.  We plan on meeting up with them again in late May and see how their ministry is expanding to Spaghetti dinners and a church for the homeless.  They have even reached Pakistan with their mission!  They are really cool friends doing the Lord’s work.  You can read about them and/or help them financially here.

I have another friend, Carrie Roush-Tataille who is a long-term missionary in Haiti.  She has been there for a couple of years and we have been blessed to go and see her work with the people of Haiti.  She took Diane, Adam, and I to a Haitian prison to feed prisoners and it left an impression on us that will be with us forever.  She’s a very cool friend doing the Lord’s work.  You can read her blog here. You can also support her through our church.

While in Haiti in 2013 I met Matt & Cara Smithson.  They are missionaries with Hope Rising Children’s Home.  They have an awesome place to stay on your mission trips to Haiti.  You can check them out here. I highly recommend Hope Rising for your mission trip.  Matt & Cara and their 3 kids are cool friends doing the Lord’s work.

I have a friend, Rev. Dan Taylor whose family has been running the Union Rescue Mission in Cumberland, MD for 50 years, feeding and housing those who are in need.  They feed people three meals a day, seven days a week.

I have other friends in North Lewisburg, OH, Logan, WV, Mason, WV, Huntington, WV, Sistersville, WV, and right here in Short Gap who are doing and getting ready to do amazing things for Jesus.

I thank God he has allowed me to cross paths with and become friends with some pretty amazing and cool people.




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3 Responses to I have some pretty cool friends

  1. A Servant says:

    Friends are a true blessing from God. They make the journey easier.
    I was born and raised in WV. Between Huntington & Charleston.

  2. We think the Knowlton Family is pretty cool too!!!

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