Praying for good weather for you and me

Diane and I will be in Mrytle Beach for part of her spring break from college.  They are calling for mid 60 to near 70 degree temps and no rain.  That’s as good as you can hope for in Myrtle Beach in early/mid March.  Today it’s only going to be 46 and raining there.

While we’re gone, the weather’s supposed to be around 60 here a couple of days.  That’s awesome for the people here who have been through a cold and snowy winter.  Sometimes when we (not Diane and me, but we as in a collective we) go somewhere warm in the winter, there’s a perception that we hope it snows a foot and there are bone-chilling temperatures while we’re gone.

When/if Diane and I come back, some people may ask about the weather and when I tell them it was 68, they may say, “Well, it was 63 here.”  And we could easily act as if we got cheated because the people here weren’t suffering through more bad weather.  If we felt that way (and I have before), it’s only because there’s something wrong with us.

The ‘something wrong with us’ is sin.  And we all have that problem.  Sin is what makes us feel better when we see others fail.  Sin is what makes us feel good when others are unhappy.  Sin is what makes us jealous when others get things that we would like to have.

And the only solution to sin is a new life in Jesus.  Jesus removes the sin, even though we can still struggle with those feelings that we used to have as our ‘former selves’.

Blessed are you who can wish for warm weather for your friends in the wintertime when you’re on a nice, warm beach.

I am blessed.




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