Be careful who you hang around with

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Scott Knowlton's Blog

There’s no doubt when parents have a pretty good kid, they worry about who their kid hang out with.   Sometimes a pretty good kid will become friends with a kid who has been in some trouble, who perhaps has a difficult home life.  The parent has mixed emotions.  The parent knows their young person can have a good impact on the troubled youth.  Parents are also aware that their son or daughter can be affected by the young person who has been in trouble.  The parent of the pretty trouble-free kid is thinking, “I hope my kid has more (good) influence on them than they have (bad) influence on mine.”

Sometimes, out of worry, we want to say, “Stay away from them”, because we know the risk.  Who we hang around with can impact our decisions.  Likewise, what we read, watch on television, and do on the internet can influence…

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