Moving on

In the church calendar, we are in Lent.  It was originally a time of preparing for the resurrection of Jesus that we celebrate on Easter.  Lent was meant to be a time of prayer and repentance.  In recent years, all most people could tell you about it is that ‘you’re supposed to give something up’.  In a few weeks, we’ll move on from Lent and Easter will be here.  Wednesday dinners will move back from the fire hall to the church, and in no time summer vacation pictures will be all over Facebook.  We’ll be talking about all the people we met on our mission trip to Oklahoma before we know it.

We’re always moving on.  As for Diane and me, nine months here at the Short Gap church are nearly behind us.  And in what will seem like the blink of an eye, five years will have passed.  We’re always moving from this to that to this to that.  The things we’re looking forward to and the things we’re dreading will all soon be in the rear view mirror just like mile markers on the interstate.  And unlike the mile marker on the way to Key West, FL that count down to zero, our mile markers are counting up and we never know when this journey will end.

Now that I have you thoroughly bummed that life is flying by…

That wasn’t my purpose.  I don’t even know what the purpose of today’s post is.  To remind us to appreciate today?  To tell those we love that we love them?  To savor the moment like the last piece of candy in a bag of m&m’s?  To tell you not to worry about today’s problems because they’ll soon be yesterday’s problems?  I don’t know.  I hope whatever message God has for you in this, He has given you.

Appreciate this day that the Lord has made and blessed you with.

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