What is it that you see?

When I mentioned cool friends in a blog the other day, there were a lot I couldn’t mention or the blog would have been way too long.  Another one of my cool friends is Hannah Foreman.  Hannah is finishing up her undergrad at Marshall University.  Marshall is on spring break this week and she is spending it in New York City working with the homeless.

Hannah is exploring a call to missions.  If her schedule works out, I’ve asked her to go to Oklahoma with us in late June to work near Moore, OK where the tornado destroyed so much and killed so many about a year ago (including a bunch of children at the elementary school).

nycmoonThere are a few things about some of the really awesome people I know.  First, none of them think they’re awesome.  Second, they’re not in God’s work for the money.  As a matter of fact, they need people like me and you to financially support their efforts.  (I know many of you who still read my blog from the Bend Area would help Hannah come up with the money to go to Oklahoma with us.  If you could help, let her know you’ll help her pay for it if she can go).  And third, they see the world a little differently.  I’m reminded of that by this picture that Hannah took in NYC last night.  I looked at the picture and immediately thought “what a beautiful view of the city”.  Hannah posts the picture and says, “I’ll never get tired of looking up at the moon”.

That moon is going to be a blessing to her, because I can imagine that God is going to send her to some pretty amazing places:  Deserts, third-world slums, and mountains; to the inner cities of America and to the parts of foreign islands where the cruise ships don’t stop.  And in all those places, God will give her the moon.


(P.S. I know another person about Hannah’s age who is thinking God is calling them to some form of missions, would you pray for them?)




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