It’s always somebody else…

I recently heard Pastor Francis Chan say in a sermon that he had often heard the phrase, “Money does strange things to people”.  He said he had never once heard someone say, “Money has done strange things to me”.  In other words, we can see others’ problems, but we don’t often enough see our own.  And along the same lines, we all have a tendency to look at everything as others’ faults and not our own.

There is so much I could say on this topic, but let me just say this:  Sometimes we must look within ourselves and see what part of the conflict is our own fault.  (And my standard disclaimer here is that a woman who is being abused in a relationship should never look to see what she’s doing wrong.  Abuse is never acceptable.)

I’m thinking about this because of my sermon prep about “exposing darkness”.

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One Response to It’s always somebody else…

  1. Pastor Anthony says:

    am touched, am a victim of seeing other people’s faults than my own faults. Thanks brother

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