Why does this surprise you?

In today’s Bible reading from Acts chapter 3, Peter is explaining to the Israelites why they should not be surprised to see a man who had never been able to walk – suddenly walking.  And Peter says they should not be surprised that God used Peter to heal the man.  If people didn’t know Peter’s heart they could take Peter the wrong way.  Peter doesn’t speak a false humility and say, “Wow, I can’t believe God used me.”  He also doesn’t do a touchdown dance and spike the football.  Instead, he basically says, “What are you looking at?  What’s the big deal?  Why does this surprise you?  It’s the power of God in me that healed that man.”  Peter expected God to work miracles through him.  Jesus promised Peter that He would do great things through Peter.  And 2,000 years later that same promise is ours when we have a relationship with Jesus and have His Spirit within us.

Today in most churches we are surprised when someone gives their life to Christ in worship.  We should be surprised when someone doesn’t.  Can you imagine if the church had the attitude, “Bummer, nobody was saved in church today.  That’s unusual!”

The problem today is that there are so few people who believe that they “can do all things through Christ who strengthens them”.   There are far too few people who expect God to work miracles through them and in their presence.  The few who actually believe it stand out as unusual.  Or they may even appear overconfident to others who don’t believe it.

We should start being surprised when we DON’T see God at work in our lives and in the lives of our friends and family.  And we should not be so surprised when we do.

Casting Crowns sings about the “Power of Christ in Me”:




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