Keyser Athletic Complex in a “Selfie Society”

Yesterday’s Cumberland newspaper had an an article on the situation in Keyser with the athletic complex.  (Read the article here.) The athletic complex has been built and is being used, but has not been paid for.  In short, the people of the school and community are supposed to pay $270,000 every year as mortgage payments.  The Mineral County Board of Education has to pay nearly all of the quarter of a million dollars every year because nobody does anything to raise the needed money.  They have raised $16,000 toward it this year 3/4 the way through the school year.  You can read my blog from a couple of months ago about it here.

Yesterday’s newspaper article was actually not about the athletic complex, but about a board of education race.  A candidate was speaking out about how the status quo is not acceptable.  They are raising money for locker rooms and other things, but none of the money being raised is going toward the debt.  Two of the incumbents were unable to be reached even after repeated attempts by the newspaper. Everyone here knows the story much better than I.

I can guarantee you that there will be many people who will not vote for the candidate who is speaking so brutally honest.  He’s talking about not letting them turn the lights on at the complex (meaning no night events) which would save $30,000 a year.  Many of the people associated with Keyser High School will not stand for not having Friday night football games.

In our “Selfie Society”, political candidates who talk about sacrifice and fiscal responsibility find it nearly impossible to get elected.  People are not willing to hear the truth.  And the church isn’t immune.  It’s why Joel Osteen has the largest church in America.  The majority of people want to hear all about grace, but nothing about repentance.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer called it cheap grace.  Cheap grace is forgiveness without requiring repentance.  Costly grace requires.  It requires us to turn from our sin.  It requires us to be second.  Costly grace calls us to give up our own lives to serve Jesus.

And the truth is often unpopular.  It got Jesus killed.






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