There is no plan B

At our church board meeting Tuesday we approved forming a fundraising team and a building planning team as the first steps toward constructing a multi-purpose facility here on the church property.

One of the questions that came up was about the money if the Family Life Center didn’t materialize.  How would we give it back to people if we didn’t build?  That thought never crossed my mind.  After giving it some thought, I guess we’d just keep it separated in an account so that down the road when the time was right we (or they) would have the money to build.  But I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I believe we will be successful because God is in it.  The building will be used as a way to introduce people to Jesus.  They will meet him there on the basketball court, for Wednesday night dinners, and for our 9:30 worship.  They will meet Him there as mission teams come in to our area and use it as their base for doing work here in the community.  They will meet Jesus there as the Frankfort Colts and Ridgeley Rams have their end of season banquets in it.  It will be a place of refuge where people will be saved.  As a matter of fact, “The Ark” would be a great name for it.

I thank God that He allows us second and third chances in our lives.  And many of us are a living testimony to that fact.  But I also believe that sometimes there is no plan B.  When it comes to salvation through Jesus, there is no other way – no plan B.  Any other way that we envision is not an option.  And I also believe that sometimes God intervenes in situations to see that His greater purpose is served.  I believe God is intervening in Short Gap and if that’s the case there will be no need for a refund.




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