Lukewarm or Radical?

In Acts 11, the Bible tells us that the followers of Jesus were first called Christians in Antioch.  And I can tell you that it wasn’t meant as a compliment.

They were called this because they were not only telling people about Jesus, but they were doing their best to live their lives like Jesus taught them to.  They stood out.  It was not necessary to call them ‘radical’ Christians.  The name Christian implied radical.  But as the Gospel spread and churches were established, the word ‘lukewarm’ entered the vocabulary.  In the book of Revelation the church in Laodicea is called the “lukewarm church”.  Don’t miss this:  To be a Christian meant you were considered to be radical and if you weren’t radical then you would be called lukewarm.

Very few Christians in our society would be called Christians by the people in Antioch.  The term Christian no longer implies ‘radical’, but instead implies ‘lukewarm’.  Today to be called a Christian in our society implies lukewarm and for those who aren’t, they are now called radical.

Are you radical or are you lukewarm?

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