A moment of failure

This past Sunday in church I talked about the struggle between the Spirit and the flesh in our lives.  I said our lives should be primarily Spirit with a little flesh sprinkled in rather than look like a life of flesh with a little Spirit sprinkled in.  It’s not that we don’t wish to live lives being like Jesus, but we find our fleshly, selfish egos creeping in and not wanting to give up.

In a John MacArthur sermon this morning, he talked about moments of failure.  I wish I had used that phrase on Sunday.  MacArthur talked about Timothy, Peter, and others in the Bible who have had moments of failure.  Those moments of failure occur when we make choices listening to our human nature instead of God’s Spirit that lives within us.

What we must do when we have those moments is to see to it that it’s only a moment and not a proverbial “return to Egypt.”  We must just tell ourselves that we lost that battle in that moment, but thanks to the Holy Spirit in us and the sacrifice of Jesus for us, the war is already won.  One moment of failure does not decide it all.  Does that mean that sometimes there aren’t severe consequences for those moments?  Of course not.  But God is faithful to forgive us for every one when we repent, even if we face consequences here on earth.

It’s good news for we who face struggles in our lives that in Jesus, we are not imprisoned by, nor are our lives defined by our moments of failure.




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