Same old food and same old bread

It was sunny and 75 today.  I decided to go for a ride and do some nursing home visits.  One person was eating lunch and said, “I get so tired of this place.  Looking at the same old room and eating the same old food.”  The person held up a piece of bread and said, “Same old bread.”

I obviously have only ever seen this person in that same old room.  I don’t know what their life was like before.  I know they used to go to church at Wesley Chapel.  I told the person that I was there to let them know that the church had not forgotten about them.  They said, “Really?”  I said yes.  They asked if the church ever talked about their spouse.  I said yes.

I stayed for a long time.  I hated to leave.  When I finally said I was going to go, the person asked if I was going home.  I said yes.  But I was leaving with a greater appreciation for this season of my life.

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