If you’re hearing your 30th Easter Sermon

Sunday in church was Palm Sunday.  Lots of people in West Virginia churches who attended Palm Sunday worship have sat through a lot of Palm Sunday sermons.  Most of those same people will be in church this Sunday for Easter as well.  But this week we’ll have a lot of people who don’t usually go to church or who haven’t been to church in a while joining us.

As I am working on the Easter message today and as I continue work on it the rest of this week, it’s the unchurched that are on my mind.  I’ll have a relevant life changing message of the Gospel ready for them.  If you go to another church, your pastor will more than likely be preaching the same Gospel.  That will be the pastor’s job.

If you’re hearing the Easter message in church for the umpteenth time, you can help out as well.  Think about how difficult it is for a stranger to come into an unfamiliar place.  Put yourself in their shoes.  For you who are healthy enough to walk, park as far away from the church as you can.  Don’t show up early to get your seat.  Show up right on time so the people who don’t usually go to church can get seats together and have places to park.

And whatever you do, don’t let grandma tell a new person that they’re in her seat in the church.  😉


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