Sometimes the same event is both bad and good

20140419-120854.jpgThe first mowing of the year occurred yesterday here at Wesley Chapel.  It was nice to have the yard mowed, but at the same time sad to see the colorful grape hyacinths and dandelions in front of the house mowed down.

That’s a parable of the mixed emotions of this Saturday.  Last night at our Good Friday worship it was certainly sad to think about Jesus’ suffering and His crucifixion.  And it’s sad to think that today was the day the world thought Jesus was dead forever.  Yet at the same time, it’s the best news available to a world of sinners – that while Jesus was dead for a moment in time, He was not dead forever.  Tomorrow we will celebrate His resurrection.  And for those who repent, believe, and receive – we will celebrate our own rebirth.

And every time I see dandelions come back this year, I’ll be thankful for Jesus’ death and resurrection.  And I have a feeling they’ll be back.




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