It is finished

The Bible tells us that on Good Friday Jesus said, “It is finished” as he died on the cross.  He meant the penalty of sin was finished through His sacrificed on the cross.  Yesterday on Easter morning, the church claimed “death is finished” by His resurrection for those who call upon Jesus.

Yesterday in church I preached a salvation message about when Jesus calling our name based on the Scripture from John 20 when Jesus called Mary’s name.  And I hope someone accepted Jesus yesterday.  I don’t do the ‘raise your hand’ thing, so I don’t know for sure.  (If I asked people to “raise your hand to accept Jesus”, I would be doing it for my own selfish satisfaction.)  But I digress.

When we come to Jesus, when we accept Him, when we are converted or saved, we are supposed to follow where He leads.  It should not be an, “It is finished” moment.  If anyone accepted Jesus by inviting Jesus into their lives to be their Savior yesterday, I hope they don’t see it as an “It is finished” moment.  Are sin and death finished/defeated in us?  Absolutely.  But when we become a Christian the three words we should cling to are, “It has begun”.  Our life with Him forever begins at our conversion.  We are converted once to Him, but then through His Spirit in us are continually transformed to be more like Him for the rest of our lives until we breathe our last and go to be with Him where He is.  Until then, every day we should remember we are His and we are to glorify Him with this earthly life just as we will glorify Him forever when we leave this earth.  And every new day on Earth is a new “it has begun”!!!




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