Exalted preachers and crotchety congregants

We watched an animated video of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday this past week and in it Jesus talked about kings and leaders being served.  But Jesus said not so with Him and with His disciples.  He came not to be served, but to serve.  He came to earth to give His life as a ransom.  And His followers are supposed to be servants.

It’s what I love about the Catholic Church’s Pope Francis.  I don’t know much about the pope, but I know a little.  He’s not living in the pope’s residence, but in a more humble residence nearby.  He broke with tradition this Easter season when, instead of washing only the priests’ feet, he washed the feet of women and young people.  It was the first time ever that the pope washed the feet of anyone other than twelve priests.  He washed the feet of two imprisoned muslim youth.  He gets it that pastors, bishops, and even the pope are not kings meant to be served, but leaders meant to serve.

If church leaders (and I’m not just talking about preachers, but also church leaders like those on the boards and committees) would have the same servant attitude as Jesus and as the pope is exhibiting, the church would be more like the church Christ established and would gain some credibility with the lost.  When you have pastors acting like kings and cantankerous, crotchety old men and women wanting things their way, those around us aren’t interested in hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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