Telling the thieves you’re not home

Diane and I are leaving Short Gap for about 30 hours.  We’re leaving today and will be back tomorrow.  Diane always wonders about what lights to leave on and whether to leave porch lights on.  We’ll probably post pictures from Cooper’s Rock, check in on Facebook at Sweet Frog in Morgantown, and post pictures from Cabela’s in Wheeling.

I often (only half-joking) write on social media when we’re away from home that I don’t have any valuables in my house.  We don’t own guns or valuable coins, we don’t have any cash hidden under the mattress or in the freezer, and we sure don’t possess prescription pain pills.  We have a laptop, but it has Windows XP and Microsoft quit providing support for XP, so nobody would want the laptop.  We don’t even own a flat screen TV.  In other words, there is no need to break in to our house when we’re gone – we really have nothing worth stealing.

Many people now have protection systems to protect themselves and their possessions.  Sometimes when we’re away I feel like putting a note on the door telling people we have no valuables, and if they don’t believe me to go on inside because the door is unlocked.

The Bible warns us that when we store up treasures here on earth that we will worry about them – that they will get damaged and thieves will steal them.  But it says that we can store up treasures in heaven where nobody can get to them and they will be safe.  It’s rather liberating to not worry about our stuff.






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