I don’t want ham again – A First World Problem

The Bible tells of a time that God’s people had left Egypt and were wandering through the dessert and that God was sending bread from heaven to feed them.  There were probably millions of people.  And every morning the bread would be there.  The people eventually got tired of having the same thing over and over and starting making their displeasure known.  It’s a pretty famous story from the Bible that comes to mind as I’m thinking about dinner this week. Two weeks ago for our Wednesday community dinner we had turkey gravy and biscuits as our main course.  Last week we had ham.

Yesterday we had a special birthday dinner here at the church that they have every year.  And as luck would have it, there are two crockpots of ham and one crockpot of turkey left over from yesterday.  Everyone tells me that a ham that has been baked won’t really freeze well, that it will be watery when you thaw it out.  It makes perfect sense to use it at our community dinner in two days.  We’re scheduled to have spaghetti.  But I know that there will be people who will think (even if they don’t say it), “This will be the third time in a week I’ve had ham.”  I’m even thinking it myself.

This is what some of us call a ‘first world problem’.  In other words, it’s not a problem you would have in Haiti.  Most people there are just happy to have food.  If you have a plate of rice and beans every day in Haiti, you call yourself blessed.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about dinner Wednesday this week.  But I do know that I am reminded today how God has blessed us when we can complain about having the same food again.




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