God has not forgotten you

I forgot to pray for someone, I forgot to type up the letter for the fire department for the meeting last night, and I forgot to get cabbage yesterday.  That just comes to mind right this second.  When I went to speak at the national day of prayer gathering the other day in Fort Ashby, the lady in charge said, “Oh, I’m so glad you’re here.  I was worried you had forgotten.”

I keep thinking about a bowl I broke six months ago that belongs to someone in the church.  I am going to replace it for her with another bowl.  I haven’t forgotten that.  I keep forgetting church meetings here are on Tuesdays.  For 25 years they’ve been on Mondays at the church I served and the church I attended.

Often times when I go to the nursing home I have to re-introduce myself as the pastor because the person who used to go to the church can’t remember from day to day.  The other day when I was visiting someone at the nursing home, I told her that I was the pastor and I was there to tell her the church has not forgotten her.  She asked, “Really?”  Really, the church hasn’t forgotten me?

I remember ‘forgetting’ today because someone on Facebook wrote this to someone I know: “Just want you all to know I’m thinking about you all and lifting you up in prayer.”  I think the person it was written to probably thinks they’ve been forgotten about – by others and by God.

I can tell you, unequivocally , that no matter who else has seemingly forgotten about you and let you down, God has not.  And God will not.

As a matter of fact, the only thing God ever forgets is our sin thanks to Jesus.  He never forgets people.  How could He forget you?  He created you.  And He loves you.

If you choose to listen, here’s a beautiful song:




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