Allowing God to change your calendar

Last night I was pretty excited about the topic I was going to talk about for the devotion after our Wednesday night dinner.  But at 4:36 God sent me a text and changed it.  Of course the sender was a person, but they had most definitely prayed about it and God inspired them to send it.  So in a way, God sent me the text.

The person asked me to anoint them after our dinner.  When dinner was over, I made it clear that anointing was not my specialty – even though it’s Biblical and even though I know of a case where I believe an anointing healed someone.  The case I know of was a friend doing the anointing of someone in the hospital.

A scheduled 30 minute devotion turned into an hour-plus amazing evening with nearly a dozen people being anointed, with hands layed on and prayers flooding over those coming forward.

I don’t know if God will heal anyone who was anointed.  I pray He will.  But I know that all who were there were encouraged by the faith of those who came forward with their many ails.  While a few people had to leave earlier, nearly everyone stayed for the duration.  This evening would not have happened without allowing God to change our calendar.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that God had already cancelled choir practice for the evening, which normally follows the 30 minute devotion!

If something comes up today don’t get upset, but instead check to see if it just might be God changing your plans.




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One Response to Allowing God to change your calendar

  1. Eileen Whtie says:

    Powerful evening, I felt moved to get up and stand in for Bonnie Dowden, and I didn’t! I didn’t know for sure if I could do that, and when I got home I think the devil tried to discourage me and tell me I was not the Christian I thought I was because I didn’t come forward. But I am ok today, I know my salvation is sealed, and the problem was I just didn’t move when God was urging me to go.

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