The Best Days of Your Life – Life Transitions

I’ve had a lot of people ask if I like it here in the mountains where West Virginia bends into Maryland.  I tell them I love it.  Some have followed with, “Better than where you were?”

Can I love it just the same?  The truth is I think Diane and I would love it wherever God placed us.  She is in Pittsburgh right now.  Yesterday she spent the day with our son Adam, who currently lives there, going out to eat and going to the Warhol Museum.  She’s going with her sister to see the Penguins clinch their series against the NY Rangers tonight.  We’re only two hours from Pittsburgh, she goes up all the time.  She loves it.  She didn’t make many trips before because it was nearly 4 hours one way.  She misses things like running on the trail at Pomeroy with Medina, but is taking advantage of other things like trips to Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, and Baltimore.  We love the Canal Trail in Cumberland.  We miss sidewalks and walking to the bank and post office and WalMart, but love being only 15 minutes from the mall and beautiful Baltimore Street.

We all have life transitions.  And it’s important to look for God’s blessings in our new situations.  Students are graduating from high school this month and will be moving on.  Some parents (like my brother and sister-in-law) will have ’empty nests’.  When we have transitions we understand that it’s going to be different, but we may as well embrace it.  Our philosophy should be to thank God for the past, thank Him for the present, and trust Him for the future.  And that will make every phase of our lives the best, until the true best comes – being with Him.




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