The calm before the storm

This morning the sun shone through the bathroom window into the bedroom.  It’s a good feeling to wake up to the sunshine spraying into the house as it comes over the mountain.  If I didn’t know better I would think Diane and her friends were crazy to be making plans to go to the mall and to the movies today.  It would seem like the perfect day to be outside!  The squirrel didn’t even run away when I went out and stood on the stoop.  Two guys left a short while ago from the church parking lot to go golfing.  Yes, it’s a beautiful morning.

However….   I’ve seen the forecast.  It’s not good.  I know what’s coming.  Thunderstorms by noon, torrential rains this evening, and some places may see flash flooding.  The D.C. news last night said perhaps 2-3 inches of rain today.

Today’s weather can be an illustration for our lives and for this time in the world.  It makes me think of people who are oblivious to the fact that one day they will stand before the one who created them and be judged.  We are “living in the sunshine” right now.  We are living in a time of grace.  In our sin, in our trials, in our pain – there is grace available.  The Bible tells us that one day, the opportunity for grace will be over.  I’ve heard lots of sermons about Jesus coming back, and He will, but the odds are that for each of us the decision we make about grace will expire when we die.  The opportunity to receive His grace and forgiveness is available right now through Jesus.  Receive it.  Accept it.  There is a storm on life’s horizon.  For you it may be days or it may be years, but it’s surely coming.





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